What Winter Days Look Like

footprints in the snow

trees in the snow



tote bag


It snowed a lot these days. The front door gets stuck by ice. We bought a snow sledge and a shovel on my birthday, and made a path down the garden to the compost bin. As our neighbors recommended, we piled up some snow along the walls around the house. It’ll help keep it warm, they said.

Mornings are calm and slow. I’ve finished the book my parents gave me for Christmas, gladly putting my new year’s resolution into practice. Read every morning before switching on the computer. Best one ever.

I sewed another tote. Haven’t decided yet what I’ll use it for. Laundry, perhaps? Yarn? I’ll make some more.

We sit and work. Reading, writing, editing, illustrating. Depending on inspiration. We warm up bowlfuls of soup on the stove for lunch, then a pot of coffee. We linger by the stove a little while longer.

When the sun comes out, we step outside, snap some photos, shovel some snow, marveling at the beautiful, silent whiteness. This is our place. I still can’t believe this is our place.


tote bag


8 thoughts on “What Winter Days Look Like

  1. Awesome Marion, really beautiful colors! Loved the first and fourth pictures. Putting snow on the walls to keep it warm uhn? Oh Scandinavia, where were you when standard logic was invented? Oh Scandinavia, why doesn’t standard logic apply in here?!

    All the best for you! You are missed in the lab (not saying you should come back, though =P)

    1. Marcel! Hi! Thanks! Good to hear that 🙂

      About the snow, I guess the idea is to add an extra layer of isulation, especially at the base of the walls, against the concrete foundations which are not really insulated in the first place. I’d say it makes sense, doesn’t it?!

      1. Wonderful post, Marion! Thanks so much! We have a mild winter in San Diego – we are kind of spoiled here. But I know what winter can be as we had lived in Canada for five years. Enjoy everything!
        PS: My thoughts and prayers for what happened in France.Your family and friends take care there.

      2. Oh, you’ve lived in Canada? It must have been even colder than here, then!

        Thank you for your kind words. It’s even more heartbreaking these days, to see what stupid amalgamations and distortions are being made after these tragic events. This is all really sad.

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