Days Alone And Shades Of Blue

snow on a tree

wintry landscape

branches on blue sky

I drove home from the airport on Sunday morning. The sky was clear, for the first time in days. The rising sun greated me on the road. A traffic alert on the radio interrupted the music. “Reindeer. Be careful.” But I didn’t see them. They must have been further up North.

It had been snowing a lot during the night. I was grateful to find that my helpful neighbor had cleared the snow in front of the house. I lit a fire and reheated some leftovers for lunch. The wood pile was running low. Resisting the temptation to take a nap by the fire, I went for a walk with my camera. Sunny days are so scarce.

It snowed again the next day while household chores kept me busy. As I shoveled the snow around the car in the evening, more wood was delivered by another helpful neighbor. I stacked the whole pile safely on the veranda. It was a big pile, but I did it.

Today I feel stiff and sleepy. But I know it’s good old exercise-induced fatigue. It’s another sunny day. I’m writing by the fire. I’m driving back to the airport tomorrow.

snowy landscape

snowy tree

sunset fog


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