What Pallets Will Become

rusty old nails


When (while wasting time surfing the web — ahem) I discovered the world of pallet furniture (so, then it wasn’t really a waste of time, was it?), I sworn that when I would have a little red house in the North, I would give it a try. In the meantime, we found an abandoned pallet next to our building and carried it up to our apartment. We installed it against the wall in the hall were it served quite honorably as a shoe rack for two years.

disassembled pallets

One day last December we drove home to our little red house from my brother’s place, the car crammed with pallets he had rescued from the trash and saved for us. They’ve remained stacked in a corner since then, waiting for us to find time to disassemble them. And now this time has come.


There’s so many things we want to build with this wood. Bookshelves, definitely: our temporary cardboard boxes pileup is really collapsing now. Shoe racks would also be nice. And boxes for all the woolly winter hats, scarves and mittens. Desks. We’ve been dreaming of desks for so long. Desks on which whatever we’re working on can stay there when we’re having diner — luxury! A lid for the compost bin. Shelves for the bathroom. Sliding doors. Wooden walls. We’re not lacking inspiration. Now where to start?


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4 thoughts on “What Pallets Will Become

  1. Excellent, Marion! If everybody were like you, the world would be a cleaner place. Looking forward to seeing your first piece of furniture built from the pallets! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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