And To Think That I Didn’t Know

bokehAs a physicist I was familiar with the concept of depth of field. But thanks to this week’s photo challenge, I discovered bokeh, which is a lot much more.

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6 thoughts on “And To Think That I Didn’t Know

  1. Oh I like the picture! Looking at the set of glass they felt very very familiar… I figured you must be European 😉 I also like your way of illustration – I’m also one that recycles cardboard boxes – but not from pasta but from corn flakes 😉 Thanks for sharing ❤

    1. Hello! Thanks! It’s funny that you noticed the glass – there was a couple of those on the kitchen shelves when we moved into our house; this leave pattern definitely looked familar to me too 😉
      Thanks for stopping by and happy recycling! (I agree, corn flakes boxes are great too 😉

  2. Oh bokeh is so much fun – if you have time try taking booked pictures of fairy lights covering the lens with a bit of card that has a heart or a star cut out of it – it makes all the lights go star shaped!

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