Bikes And Boats


bridge, stockholm, sweden

Besides an appointment to renew my passport at the embassy, I had no plan except walking around randomly.

boats, stockholm, sweden

waterfront, stockholm, sweden

At the end of the day my feet hurt, and I felt tired but happy.

old lamps shop, stockholm, sweden

bikes, do not park here

I spotted a cute little shop and a bike that someone had parked there, I think, quite playfully.


boats in stockholm, sweden

More bikes, more boats,

in a café

and there I sat, sipping coffee, enveloped by the sounds of the street and the clinking cutlery. It took a little time to adjust again to the pace of a city.

Until next time, Stockholm.
You’re pretty.

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5 thoughts on “Bikes And Boats

      1. I am sure you had a great time in the city. I would like to be there for a visit one day. Take care and enjoy your sunny season! 🙂

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