Reading Matters

reading matters // by marion // detail

reading matters // by marion

If you’ve been around these pages for a while, you’ve seen this little man before. A lot. I know! Cut from cereal boxes. Clumsily turned into greeting cards. Looking somewhat better on cheap watercolor paper.

What a process it’s been for me, slowly getting there. So many changes, so many things to learn, many more yet to learn.

I often think about how important reading has been in getting me where I am today. It was the words of Virginia Woolf, that took my breath away. It was the hundreds of pages I read a when I took a course in philosophy of science, that gave me attacks of palpitations. It was in books that I found the reassurance that I could safely leave the lab — that I would still experience the intellectual excitement that had brought me toward physics.

So, here is my bookworm again. And here I am, ready to let it go away. I made two different versions. I hope you like them.

reading matters // by marion // detail 02


7 thoughts on “Reading Matters

  1. Marion, F A N T A S T I C!!! You know that I was waiting to see the entire poster. I am so happy to see it now! Very beautiful! You have put long long hours to produce this and we can say that your efforts were not in vain. E X C E L L E N T in all aspects! A big “THANK YOU !!!” 🙂

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