Flowers And Letters


Summer heat is there! — oh, not for long, if the weather forecast is right. Meanwhile the flower rainbow is continuing to bloom all around the house. More yellow, more pink, more orange.

On my desk, watercolor lettering tests and experiments with image vectorization. I don’t really want to be thinking about fall already, but I’ve been making a logo for the Alpha Angle newsletter I’m planning to start next September:


It’s been incredibly inspiring for me to read about the process behind other people’s work lately. I find it so nice, especially, when people are open about trial and error. So I’ve decided to take the leap too, and to write a little more about how I’m making the images I’m showing you in my “on my desk” posts. If you prefer mystery, please skip the rest. Otherwise I’d be glad and grateful to hear your advice!

So, here is what I did here. First I wrote the text in pencil, and did a lot of local erasing/rewriting until everything was to my taste. I don’t really mind spending a lot of time on that step because I love drawing letters with a good old pencil on paper.

Once I was satisfied with the shape of every letter, I traced the final text with a black marker, and scanned it. I used Inkscape to create a vector image from the scan. I really don’t know how much this process can be optimized and I ended up spending a lot of time manually adjusting the obtained path to smooth out the contours of every word.

In the end I think it turned out pretty good for a first try, and I have to admit that working with vector images is awesome since it makes it possible to increase the image size without loosing quality.

But then I just really love painting text directly on paper with watercolors, like I did here. Here is a (first) paper & watercolor version.

outside the lab // watercolor

I like how the intensity varies from letter to letter, but it’s not easy to paint such thin letters with a standard brush (the text is 10,5 cm / 4 inches wide). In this case I messed up on the “d” of “world”, which is why I ended up filling all the vowels.

And now, while I’m practicing, I’ll let you with one more flower.


other things on my desk


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5 thoughts on “Flowers And Letters

    1. Thanks, and you’re welcome!
      Inkscape looks great, from what I can tell – most importantly it’s free & open-source, which I find very much to my liking 🙂
      Happy 4th of July weekend to you and your family!

      1. Thanks so much, Marion! I have downloaded Inkscape already. On July 14th I will return your kind greetings! Take care, my friend! 🙂

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