Some Things

Something comforting: snow, at last, and a lamp lit by the window.

Something Ine whispers “to her two-years-old. And also a little to [her]self: don’t be afraid”. Google translate won’t render her nice writing, but still, her words are worth reading.

Something thoughtful Milla wrote about what happened the past week. I think she has a pretty good point.

Something very interesting illustrator Akin Duzakin says about illustrating a children’s book called “Why am I here” (Hvorfor er jeg her) written by Constance Ørbeck-Nilssen and how they wanted to create “a politically-charged picture book that might investigate the idea of ‘us’ versus ‘them’, the ‘others’ in society”. A link found through Jake Haye’s pinterest, another great place for those interested in illustration.

Have a good weekend.

other things


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