Time And More Time


A little package with my very own greeting cards arrived in my mailbox yesterday! I figured that my winter woods collage would make a nice touch of color alongside my black and white cards in the Alpha Angle shop. I had been a bit worried about ICC color profiles, but the colors turned out really nice.

I also wanted to add a “non-academic” option – because there’s a whole world outside academia!


Well, actually — ahem — this was the first idea I had in mind. I made this sketch last summer when I was very excited to try making a linocut. But finding the right combination of paper and ink turned out more difficult than I had thought it would be, and I set this project aside. It’s still there in the back of my mind, but it has to wait.


It’s been a constant this year: things taking way more time than I had thought they would. Although this fact is not really new to me — I constantly had the same feeling when I was a researcher — I seem to keep fooling myself about it.


I would really love being able to do all the bag-sewing and card-printing myself one day. For now I had to let that go – and learn how to make a print-ready vector file.

Still, it’s such a satisfaction to open a package and see a tiny batch of something that you’ve imagined and designed and that has become real.

After the photoshoot

One thing at a time. Yesterday was for taking photos. And guess what?
It took a lot more time than I had thought it would.

other things on my desk


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