North & South | #21

Orchards in Norway

Vineyards in Champagne, France

I found more photos by my friend Fonolitt in my North & South archive. Aren’t they gorgeous? As you may remember from this earlier post, these were captured in late fall in the vineyards of Champagne, France and early spring in the orchards in the mountains of central Norway.

If you’d like to see more of the mountains of Norway (I’m sure you do!), Fonolitt has some beautiful shots of fall colors in Rondane on her blog.

This series is about pairing two photos with similar textures, colors and composition — one from the North, one from the South. If you’d like to share your photos?, you’re very welcome to post a link in the comments or to email me. Do feel free to interpret “North” and “South” creatively: the difference in latitudes doesn’t have to be extreme!

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8 thoughts on “North & South | #21

  1. Oh, nice to see my picture there! Thank you! Actually I think I was cheating a little bit with the seasons since…rose hips are ready in October! Also in early spring green leaves starts in the vineyards of Champagne. I will try to see if I may find another shot from Champagne!

  2. Both are good.

    Personally, I think the second one is far superior though.
    The first is dry, yet pretty.
    The second one is relaxing, calm, and peaceful.
    Was it taken in the afternoon?

    1. That’s great feedback: thanks! I like that!
      I agree with you about the second one. I do like the contrast between the moody gray sky and the snow on the first one as well though.

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