Some Things

some_things_12-11 Something to walk by while bringing in piles of freshly delivered firewood. I’m not complaining.

Some things about student life, and good advice on how to handle stress. Brought back a lot of memories. I agree wholeheartedly with point nr. 2!!!

Another thing that brought back memories about a totally different kind of stress: believe it or not, that’s actually what my phd thesis was all about!

Something colorful and delicate I could spend hours looking at: Anna Emilia Laitinen, one of my absolute favorite illustrators, has a brand new website.

Something to brighten up wintry salads. Yum! Reminded me of the beetroot story.

One last thing! I’m having a weekend sale over at Alpha Angle before putting the shop into hibernation during the holidays. 20% off all greeting cards with the code ALPHACARDS.

Have a great weekend!

other things


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