Clean And Bright

A clean box of watercolors

After a somewhat unsatisfactory attempt to make a bunch of hand-lettered new year cards the past few days, I took a break from doodling today and just cleaned my box of watercolors. Meanwhile I happily caught up on two and a half episodes of the Craft Sanity Podcast, which if my calculations are correct adds up to a good two hours.

Logically, I made the following resolution for 2016: mix colors on the palette exclusively (not in the pots – ahem).

It’s not exactly the kind of painting productivity that I had envisioned for this week, but that’s still one thing out of the way. A clean and bright box of watercolors is as good a start as any to a new year, isn’t it?

Failed lettering

Happy new year watercolor lettering || by marion

watercolor doodles

other things on my desk


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