Promises Made | Books

Les chaussures italiennes, par Henning Mankell

This past Christmas, instead of giving things, I made promises. I still haven’t finished my list of new year’s resolutions, but I already have this one entry: keep them — and I’m looking forward to a little bit of reading, sewing, knitting, walking and picture taking every month for the year to come.

My dad and I are going to read a book of his choosing every month and share our impressions. As a warm-up, he lent me his copy of Italian Shoes by Henning Mankell. I read the first half on a train journey across France during the holidays, and after a short interruption to devour a delightful essay in praise of home lovers, I finished it yesterday.

I liked the first half best, because it made me curious to see where the story would go, while I thought the second half was a bit more predictable. My favorite thing was the setting – did I mention already that am a sucker for the forests of North Sweden and islands in the Baltic sea? – and I also quite liked the main character.

What about you? Do you have any books to recommend?
Where do you get ideas of books to read? I spotted many novels I’d like to read in Ida’s reading lists recently.
Also, I really liked this post today.

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9 thoughts on “Promises Made | Books

  1. My tips is: go to the library, take a pile of books, read those you like to read, don’t finish those you find boring. I take my books often among selection done by the library, or selection done by the readers, or quite randomly. If you like a book, you can just put it in display when you give it back, then maybe somebody will pick it.

    1. You’re right, I guess that’s a great way to go. I used to do exactly that when I was a kid, but I am forced to admit that I’m less inclined to picking random books as an adult. I guess it has something to do with being old enough to realize that I won’t have time in my life to read all the books in the library!
      I like the reader/library selection when there is one, too.

  2. If I were to recommend a book, it would be Finnegans Wake, but that’s because I’m reading it and enjoying it quite a lot.
    There seems to be an aversion to it and I can kind of see why, but I genuinely believe that a lot of people are missing out by not reading it.

    1. Ah! Yes! Very interesting! I didn’t know that one, but after a little research, I kind of understand your point 😉 I guess it’s not the easiest book to read for a non-native English speaker, but I’ll remember to give it a try. Thanks!
      Also, you should totally write a post about reading it!

      1. It’s not the easiest book for someone with English as their first language either!

        I found that the more I’ve read it, the more I’ve gotten out of it.

        I don’t know what, but in Do find myself enjoying it more and more.

        I plan on doing so once I finish reading it. I don’t know what I’ll say… yet.

        I think it has influenced some of my writing – I can say that much with certainty.

        Also, a book that can become significantly harder to read when tired due to its demand of focus.

        But still, I recommend it!

      2. Yeah, I can imagine that!
        Looking forward even more to reading your thoughts when you finish it, if you say it has influenced your writing!

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