Birch Forest Song : A Painting In Progress

Birch forest song // watercolor and cut paper collage // by marion

While everything is green and blooming around me, I am working on some autumn leaves. A friend asked me if I could paint something for her, and of course I was thrilled. Thanks, friend! Her wishes were : yellow and orange.

We made a shared pinterest board to gather inspiration and after a little brainstorming, ended up with the idea of an autumn leaves pattern, a little robin, yellow, orange, brown and gray tones.

It seems that my brain transformed “autumn leaves pattern” into “birch forest”. Don’t ask me why. (It might have something to do with Sweden).

birch forest, västerbotten, sweden
So, this is the first study I made. As usual I used a combination of watercolor and cut paper collage.


The composition is too flat, and the background doesn’t have enough texture.

But since then I’ve made progress, so stay tuned!



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8 thoughts on “Birch Forest Song : A Painting In Progress

    1. Thanks Eileen! 🙂
      I use a scalpel, yes. The xacto ones that you mention look much better than the one I use though, because they have a cylindrical shape: maybe I should upgrade! Thanks for the tip!
      When I started doing this kind of art I simply used scissors and my hand, wrist and arm used to hurt like s**t! Switching to a knife/cutting mat method has been a great improvement.

      1. Thanks Eileen! That’s a great idea, I’d love to try making a video – I always love to watch those, too. I need to fix some proper lighting though, my camera is old and I’m having a hard time getting the colors right on the pictures.

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