One Year Of Jam

Home-made jam || by marion

Wild blueberries || by marion

Raspberry and blueberry jam || by marion

Raspberry bushes || by marion

Wild blueberry and raspberry jam || by marion

Wild blueberries in the forest || by marion

Blueberry, raspberry & plum crisp || by marion

Blueberry picking forest view || by marion

Little jars, big milestone!
Last August, I made jam. August is there again: here in the north of Sweden, raspberries and wild blueberries are ripe and delicious. There’s still a jar of jam left from last year, and now I’m making more. Full circle!

On this journey to growing & foraging more of my own food,  the most important lesson I’m constantly learning is to lower my expectations and set reasonable goals.

Making one year’s worth of jam was my goal for last year. It was reasonable: raspberry bushes grow on their own in our garden, requiring zero maintenance except one yearly trimming. As for blueberries, well, the forest all around is full of them.

We’re celebrating the new berry season with Natalie’s fruit oatmeal crisp. Let me tell you, it’s delicious. After investing in a berry-picker comb, we set a new reasonable goal for this year: make another year’s worth of jam, plus freeze some fresh berries to enjoy next winter.

This is nothing like self-sufficiency, but there’s something so deeply satisfying about seeing those jars pile up. Not too little, not too much, just what we need plus some to give as gifts. Growing our own food, one little step at a time.

My super simple wild blueberry/raspberry jam

  • Servings: about 3 jars
  • Print

This is how I make my summer berries jam. I don’t even use any special jam sugar or additional pectin, but usually it sets just fine. I reuse peanut butter jars (such as pictured above) I save all year long. While I cook the jam, I sterilize the jars by putting them in the oven at 100°C for about 20 minutes.


  • 800 g crystal sugar (I use organic white sugar)
  • 1 kg fresh berries
  • 1 squeeze of lemon juice


Mix all ingredients in a large pot. While stirring, bring to a boil, boil until a foam forms, rises on the sides of the pot and falls again. Reduce the heat and boil for a 5-10 more minutes while stirring. Pour still hot into sterilized jars. Close the jars and put them upside down to cool. The jam will seem liquid but will set as it cools.


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6 thoughts on “One Year Of Jam

  1. Jag och barnen var ute på en liten sväng idag och plockade bär – hallon, blåbär och vinbär. Det är så rogivande att gå runt i skogen och bara fokusera på att plocka (och se var man sätter fötterna). Och barnen njuter för fullt att ta handen full med blåbär och trycker in allt i munnen hehe! Det är en sådan rikedom.

    Ska plocka mer så jag har i frysen och kan göra paj, sylt och smoothie av bären i vinter. Underbart är det. Jag får prova ditt recept på sylt! Kram.

    1. Vad trevligt! 🙂 Du har rätt, det är precis så här: bara fokusera på att plocka (och att inte bli helt uppäten av myggor!) – vilken underbar känsla. Kom och fika om ni är ute plocking runt här – huset ser fruktansvärt med omålade väggar, men massa sylt finns att smaka 😉 Kram.

  2. Hallon = Bringebær, quelle étymologie?? Ou bien hallon = ballon, elles sont si grosses que ça vos baies ;-)? C’est toujours dur à lire, le suédois, mais j’ai bien compris que tu parlais de nos amis les moustiques au dessus. Moi ausi j’ai fait un peu de confiture/coulis, et un gateau au késam aux myrtilles (recette inspirée comme un gateau au yaourth, mais comme le késam rendait la pâte bien trop pateuse, j’ai rajouté 2 oeufs et du késam jusqu’à obtention de texture correcte, c’était bon), et congélation dans la limite de la taille du compartiment…

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