Birch Forest Spring

Birch Forest Spring || Watercolor and cut paper collage || by marion

One of the things I love most about living in Scandinavia is the strong contrast between seasons. But even from week to week, nature keeps changing drastically. When I started thinking about making a spring version of my birch forest, the things that came to my mind were these little flowers and tender green birch leaves. In reality, they come several weeks apart (and perhaps not exactly in the same spots); but what’s the point of making art if you can’t play with the rules of nature?

spring flowers

As for the fall version, I painted the foreground birches, birds, flowers and leaves on a separate piece of paper before cutting them and gluing them onto the background.

Cut paper pieces || spring flowers || by marion

Cotton paper is wonderful to paint on. I enjoyed playing with successive layers of paint and letting the transparency of watercolors do its magic.

The making of the birch forest ||cut paper and watercolor || by marion

This time I tried adding some extra leaves on the forest floor. I’m not sure it adds any interest though. I also prefer the way the shadows of the trees look on the fall version.

I think I’ll make the summer version next. Winter will require a bit more research: there’s a lot of white to think about!

But this week I’m taking a little break from birds and trees to work on some greeting cards designs. What about you? I hope you have a great week!


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6 thoughts on “Birch Forest Spring

  1. Ma 1ère réaction a été: “j’adore!”. Puis j’ai lu ton commentaire et j’ai vu que tu n’étais pas complétement satisfaite. J’ai regardé ta version automnale puis la printanière. Et je me suis dis aussi qu’il manquait peut-être quelque chose. Le haut semble un peu vide. On voit très peu les deux oiseaux que tu as mis en arrière plan. Est-ce que ce sont des hirondelles? En Norvège, ils disent une hirondelle ne fait pas…l’été! Quelques suggestions si tu choisis de travailler sur ce point: un vol de grues lointaines? Un ciel? Un nid de pie perché? (j’en ai un beau dans mon jardin, avec deux pies bavardes!)

    1. I’m glad you say so: this was the idea I had. I guess what bothers me is that I didn’t place them so that they wouldn’t be in the shadows of the trees like that.

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