Designing Cards (And Painting Walls)

Holiday greeting card design || Created on Jovoto || bymarion

I finally completed this greeting card design for the Unicef crowdstorm on Jovoto.

Holiday greeting card design process || pencil drawing

I used the same characters I created last year, which are really nice to draw. This time I tried to mix the minimalist aesthetics with a little more classic holiday elements to better fit the brief.

Holiday creating card design process || colored pencil drawings

I got some great feedback from other jovotans, which pushed me to make a version with the tree. I drew it separately and merged it with my initial drawing digitally. It was more work than I though it would be, but it turned out to be very convenient to go digital at that point since my desk was transformed into a very messy workbench as we proceeded to paint our living room.

Home improvement desk

I did my best! Now let’s wait and see if my design gets picked. Fingers crossed!


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7 thoughts on “Designing Cards (And Painting Walls)

  1. Åh, Marion! Vilket fint julkort du gjort. Skulle gärna köpa av dig om du kan tänka dig att sälja några. Håller tummarna för att du vinner! Kram

    1. Tack så mycket Anneli! Den här design får jag inte sälja själv eftersom det var mitt bidrag till unicef tävlingen – men nu jobbar jag med nya designer för min egen webshop. Kommer snart! 🙂

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