Some Things


There are the little things: the candle on the breakfast table, the extra good orange juice. There is the snow outside and a roaring fire in the wood stove.

There are watercolors and paint brushes on my desk. It will be birches, birds and winter skies.

I will enjoy these things. Wholeheartedly.

There are also pills that are bitter to swallow. The past few days, I read posts in which parents were wondering what to tell their children. About the role of teachers. About how Trump won, and why politics is the solution.

There are also elections coming up next spring in France, my home country. Something in this article caught my attention because it sums up my point of view about the situation we French are facing:

Here is one story. Trump peeled off white working-class voters who had supported Obama. He did it in the classic style of the twenty-first-century right-wing nationalist, which he shares with France’s National Front and other Western European nationalist movements: offering a mix of white identity politics and economic populism to people who feel the traditional center-left party is offering them nothing.


So, I will paint and I will light candles, yes. And I will do by best to support the progressive forces that are struggling to be heard but working hard to offer something good.

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