Painting Winter

Snowy trees || by marion

The snow came early this year.

Watercolor palette || by marion

I decided it was a good time to get started on the winter version of my birch forest series.

Snowy landscape || by marion

It was the kind of snow that stays on the trees. I just love it, when this happens.

Watercolor birches || by marion

The birches are ready to be cut.

Snowy winter landscape || by marion

It was winter wonderland last week. Now everything is melting again.

Watercolor painting in progress || bymarion

Funny coincidence: this afternoon, I ran out of white paint.


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8 thoughts on “Painting Winter

  1. I love birch trees and also that canvas. I assume it is watercolour? They are beautiful trees, quintessentially Scandinavian and I wonder if you only paint them or do you turn this into textile print too?

    1. Thank you! I love birch trees too! Yes, it’s watercolour. For the moment I am planning to get some cards printed from this series, and I haven’t looked into textile printing yet. But I’d definitely love to do so in the future. First I need to learn how to create a repeat pattern that works!

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