December Drawings #5

Today’s prompt on Eileen’s advent calendar is “stockings”. How about knitting one in super bulky yarn ?

I’m very happy to take part in this advent art challenge. Finishing a drawing every day is so much easier for me when I don’t have to decide what to draw myself!

If you feel inspired, Eileen is inviting anyone interested to join, tagging your posts with #adventmcr. Here is her advent prompt list. She also shared interesting thoughts and tips about painting highlights and shadows in this post.

See you tomorrow!




10 thoughts on “December Drawings #5

  1. Excellent! Je remarque la petite langue du lutin qui indique qu’il tricote de manière zélée! L’échelle entre le lutin et la chaussette est marrante…ca lui ferait presque un sac de couchage (je pense aux contes de la rue Broca)

    1. Y’a que ça de vrai pour pas rater de maille :-p
      Ah! Les excellents contes de la rue Broca, je les avais oubliés, très contente que tu me les rappelles: je les ai lus et relus un sacré paquet de fois quand j’étais petite!

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