December Drawings #10

Today’s prompt on Eileen’s advent calendar is “gifts”. Let’s wrap ’em!

If you feel inspired, Eileen is inviting anyone interested to join, tagging your posts with #adventmcr.

See you tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “December Drawings #10

  1. I love your drawings! There is action going on. Your interpretation of the prompts are verbs – mine are nouns. I have to add a little life to mine. 😂 I almost didn’t make it today. We hosted a party. By the time it was over I was tired. But I knew you probably posted and I knew I’d feel behind in the morning if I didn’t get it done. See you tomorrow! 😄

    1. I have you to thank for that, honestly! I started drawing actions just because I couldn’t figure out how to draw interesting cookies on day 3. It’s not very forgiving to be as lazy as I am with shadows when drawing still lives. I’m learning a lot from your drawings!

  2. Je vois la cape du lutin par dessus le papier cadeau, et non derrière. C’est mes yeux, ou bien c’est l’effet des zones ombrées qui me donnent cet effet de perspective que tu as peut-être souhaité?

      1. Je pensais que ça venait peut-être de l’ombre entre le papier cadeau et la cape. Il ne faut pas grand chose pour tromper nos sens de la perspective, et c’est difficile à identifier où se trouve l’élément qui donne à penser que la cape est par dessus ;-). On peut penser que le lutin s’est penché un peu en avant, de sort à ce que sa cape tombe verticalement sur le papier cadeau peut-être!

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