Swirling Wind

Blame it on the lack of light and stormy weather, my camera has been sitting in a drawer for some time. I’m looking forward to start snapping pictures of the neighborhood soon.

For now, here is what I made for this week’s illustration friday challenge. The theme was “swirl”.

10 thoughts on “Swirling Wind

  1. Hi Marion, thank you visiting my blog. I have been following your blog too and I love what you are doing. I have a soft spot for gnomes as well ;o) But for most, you are so talented! I always wish I have more time and respond more often to the blogs I love but I do always read and enjoy it. This one I have seen a couple of times and can’t figure out wether they are snug in their sweet little home or worried they will swirl into the white unknown ;o) I am a good natured sprit so I will choose the first.
    With lots of love from the US, Johanna
    Ps I read your ‘about’ good for you too, to make a different life choice!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Johanna! It’s really nice to hear from you. I agree with you: it’s difficult to find time to interact on so many blogs – so many inspiring people to follow! But it’s so nice to be able to see and learn from other people’s work. I’m looking forward to read your posts! Warm greetings from Sweden!
      PS: you guessed right, I can’t deny they they were a little worried about the wind, but mostly snug 🙂

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