The Monster Under The Bed

This week I continued working on drawing perspective. Lately I’d been drawing rooms from the point of view of an observer facing the wall, and this time I wanted the observer to be looking at the angle of the room. It meant switching from one-point to two-point perspective, which I’m so glad I finally did, because it opens up so many new possibilities.

Since the monster under the bed only comes out at night, I also had to start thinking about light and shadows, something that’s on my creative to-do list. Spontaneously I’m drawn to bright colors and in my head this bedroom was full of bright painted furniture, colorful patterns on the bed linen, the wallpaper and the pictures on the wall.

But by moonlight? A black, gray and blue palette only? Tricky!

Here is some food for thought from my helpful twitter friends:

  • Debra sent me this article about painting night scenes.
  • Kristin recommended: “err on the light side, you can always go darker. Using a color opposite on the color wheel is a good way to darken hues.” (which I really need to explore, since I tend to always use black when I need to darken a color).

Conclusion: I definitely want to learn more about color theory. Do you have any tips or resources to recommend?

PS: Plenty of inspiring other interpretations of “heroic” over at Illustration Friday.



10 thoughts on “The Monster Under The Bed

  1. Beautiful work..I always struggle with perspective and I am slow worker at the best of times but work in perspective takes me twice as long but it is so satisfying. Thank you for sharing the article about night drawings. Cheers, Johanna

    1. I am a slow worker too, and oh my, yes, perspective does take time! This time I made a lot of thumbnails in my sketchbook first to figure out the right angle of view. Then I had to tape my paper onto my graduated cutting mat and label the vanishing points on said mat so I could trace the lines of the final drawing 😉

  2. Il y a du monde dans votre maison! Je décompte 2 humains, un chat, au moins 2 lutins et maintenant un monstre nuageux! Et dans le poêle avez vous trouvé l’ancêtre de Moumine peut-être?

  3. Really enjoy seeing your illustrations, and really enjoyed your “about” page. What a great thing to leave a life in the lab behind and live a more fulfilling life with your art and passions. Hats off to you! Your drawings are full of life and wonder, a reflection of your new found freedom. ~Rita

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