Some Things

March is there already! My weeks have been full of sketching and drawing and painting and well, I’m certainly not complaining about that. It looks like I’m spending a lot of time on the Internet too though, since the list of links I want to share with you here is growing and growing. Here are some of the artsy ones:

  • Some interesting thoughts on doodling. In a word, I guess: don’t overthink it.
  • Something “fishy”. I’m always amazed when I come across the work of artists who can create something simple, beautiful, playful and useful and the same time. I guess there is something in Julia Castano’s work about being able to keep seeing the world through a child’s eyes. And the Artistic Moods blog is a really great place to find other artists that have this talent.
  • Speaking of seeing the world through a child’s eyes, Juliane is blogging again. Her work is wonderful! I love the way she gives life to the beautiful dolls she makes through her photos.
  • Something new in my inbox: Eileen, whose creative prompts really helped me get to work back in December, has just started a newsletter in which she shares what inspires her.

Have a great weekend!

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