In January

January always feels peaceful. Long breakfasts, golden light, long shadows just before sunset, cozy winter days.

There are these annoying little things I suddenly see how to fix around the house, just because it’s the start of a new year. Like, if we store this frying pan upside down instead, I can reach it on the top shelf without having to climb on a chair.

I sat at my desk every day.  I can see, now, the enormous amount of work I have ahead of me. I can feel the difference between saying “I’ll create images”, and actually creating images. It’s kind of embarrassing. And so I sit and draw, and fail, and learn. I train my eyes to see the colors. I have questions ready in my mind so I know what to pay attention to when I go for a walk. I cringe at the sketchbook page of the day before when I get ready for a new day. It feels really, really good to have reached that step.

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