Week 2: Walks in winter wonderland (and other good things)


  • walks in winter wonderland
  • frost, sun, and noticeably longer days
  • (a little) less time spent on social media. (Any tips?)



  • Reindeer from the kitchen window. (Can you see them?)
  • two good films. This one, and that one. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, as should be.

Cooked (and relished):


  • 33 years around the sun. I got a spark !!!

What about you ? I hope you had a great week, too!


Illustration Friday Lately

This week I put away my watercolor brush and made a batch of wheat paste to create this collage with bits and pieces of junk mail. The theme was “hot“.
It’s the first time I try making something in this style, and it was so much fun. I think I’ll try again.

hot ||| collage || by marion
Illustration Friday, week 14: HOT

Usually, I use junk mail to cut out letters, like I did last week. The theme was “umbrella“.

Umbrella || mixed media illustration by marion
Illustration Friday, week 13: UMBRELLA

The week before that I went digital and tried to make the word “slow” fit into the shape of a snail. I like the idea but unfortunately none of the two is very visible.

Snail || digital drawing by marion
Illustration Friday, week 12: SNAIL

And the week before, the gnomes locked themselves into the bathroom to dress up as punks.

Punk || Watercolor and color pencil illustration || by marion
Illustration Friday, week 11: PUNK

Now it’s time to brainstorm on this week’s theme: illusion.

Monday Randoms

I’m taking a walk every day despite the gloomy weather. I wonder how the clothespin got there?

There is so little snow.


Humans were here.

And there.

Internet (And Frugal Art Supplies)

No gnomes this time! When I saw the theme for this week on illustration friday, it was an abstract network that came to my mind.

Here is what I made it with:

  • A piece of cardboard from a post package as a “canvas”
  • Envelopes that once contained tax returns, a letter from my grandma and whatnot
  • Colorful bits from selected pages of catalogues, tracts, museum brochures and recycling instructions. (I keep these organized by colors in a box that’s moved with me in three different places. Crazy ?) I chose only mat papers so that I wouldn’t get any reflections when taking a picture with the flash.
  • Homemade wheatpaste.  It has the perfect drying time for this kind of work and it’s super efficient.
  • Tools: scissors, a scalpel knife and self healing cutting mat. Oh, and washers as circle-drawing guides!

collage making desk



Some Things

  • some things to remember from this week: a snow storm that left a snow dune around the house, candles on the table every day, homemade chocolate mousse enjoyed in good company and photos snapped for a creative project with my little brother.
  • something on my desk: a pile of greeting cards. I’ve been cutting paper like crazy!
  • something artsy: following the Illustration Friday prompts is not only a great way for me to push myself and make more work, it’s also an excellent occasion to discover the work of very talented artists: this week I’ve been in awe of the work of Tini Malitius, Yacov Kleiman, Terri Murphy, and Nataliya Zhydchenko.

Have a cozy weekend!


Status update: a star still shining at the kitchen window, fresh snow and freezing cold. Oh, and just some extra fairy lights.

While it’s pretty hard for me to be optimistic when it comes the political side of things for 2017, I feel determined not to fall into apathy and despair. And since I know I feel best when I’m being creative, I’ve made a little list of creative resolutions for myself.

Drawing along with Eileen in December was really fulfilling. Now committing to posting a finished drawing every day would not be realistic for me. However I think that every week might work, so I’ll try to follow the illustration friday prompts. This week’s topic is “talk”.


In my mind these gnomes were always intended to be made with cut paper collage, so here’s the first one (with messy glue stains, un-erased pencil lines and all!)

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you create this year. I’m learning so much from all of you. Thanks for being around, and happy new year!