October Mood


autumn forest

autumn leave

Tree with yellow autumn leaves

Blue skies, bright autumn leaves, all gone.

Shorter and shorter days. Gray skies, first frosts. The harsh smell of manure. No wind. Cardamom, Cinnamon. Chilly, lazy mornings. Bubbling apple sauce, newly baked bread. Knitting needles, colored pencils. Bowls of oatmeal, cups of tea.

Suddenly everything revolves around the wood stove.


In The Autumn Forest

autumns birch leaves || by marion

On the last day of August, I took a little morning walk.

Path in the forest || by marion

I followed the path into the forest.

Autumn forest lingonberries zoom || by marion

The floor was covered with red blueberry leaves and lingonberries.

mushroom || by marion

It’s been rainy lately and now mushrooms are popping up everywhere.

Autumn forest floor lingonberries ||by marion

As I explored and took pictures, the wind made a nice rustling sound in the trees above my head.

mushroom || by marion

It really really looked like a fairy tale forest.

Lingonberries || by marion

Quiet, and full of treasures.

Autumn forest floor mushrooms ||by marion

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Fields And Skies

Field turning yellow, cloudy skies || Västerbotten countryside || by marion

Field turning yellow, cloudy skies || Västerbotten countryside || by marion

Green fields are turning yellow, wild geese and swallows are back.

Field turning yellow, cloudy skies || Västerbotten countryside || by marion


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North & South | #20

Winter Tree Sweden

Autumn Tree France

This series is about pairing two photos with similar textures, colors and composition — one from the North, one from the South. I’m looking for contributors! If you want to share your photos, you’re welcome to post a link in the comments or to email me. Do feel free to interpret “North” and “South” creatively: the difference in latitudes doesn’t have to be extreme!

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Where Were We?






garden harvest






By the seaside and in the fields, soaking up the beautiful light. In the garden, watching things grow, watching leaves fall, watching the drops after the rain. Out and about in a city with two rivers. Down in the south, picking chestnuts, picking fresh thyme. Home again, and November’s there.