Some Things

Autumn forest bouquet || heather and wild blueberry leaves || by marion

Something I brought home from a walk in the forest the other day.

And since it’s ‘back to school’ time, here are some posts about studies, life choices and career paths that I read and liked these past few weeks. I’d love to hear your thoughts, too.

Something about deciding what to do ‘when you grow up’, and learning to follow your heart instead of listening to people. In Sandra Juto‘s case, it meant that she became a very talented artist. How inspiring is that ?

In the same vein but in the science world, something to help rethink the ‘you can, therefore you must’ point of view that is so common in academia.

For those of you who can read Norwegian, I must say I also loved this post by Julie, who is a writer and literature student, on the same topic.

Have a good weekend!

other things


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