Some Things

Chocolate and pear birthday cake

Something sweet for breakfast, post birthday.

Something icy.

Something lovely.

Some things about painting: I’ve just discovered the Savvy Painter podcast. I love it! I listened to this, this and this episodes while I was doodling yesterday and learned tons of things.

Speaking of podcasts, I also enjoyed listening to Phoebe Wahl telling the story behind her first picture book.

What little things did you enjoy this week?

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On Anneli’s Desk

custom portrait by Anneli /
A custom portrait Anneli made as a birthday gift. Photo from Anneli’s blog.

Since my own desk is a mess, may I suggest that you have a look at Anneli‘s desk instead, today? She has just started learning to use Illustrator, and it looks like she got hooked! Being a total beginner myself also, I find what she does with it very inspiring. She made this super cute poster as a birthday gift for someone I happen to know quite well: I can testify that this is a perfectly accurate portrait of my little brother, full of sweet details that surely make it a very special gift. I love its cartoon-like style. In fact, I just think it’s awesome. How do you like it?

Other things by Anneli, here and there


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Handmade Gifts And Letters In the Mailbox

scandinavian mailboxes

this is not a hat

“This is not a hat!”, the note said. The card was handmade. A little red house in the woods and sweet words from my mom and dad.

The birds have been pecking at the saddle of my bike. I unwrapped the tiny package to find a lovely patchwork saddle cover my mom sewed for my birthday.

It made my day.


Many years ago I was reading Sophie’s World. I remember being very intrigued by this little detail, the fact that Sophie opened her mailbox by lifting a lid. In France, where I lived, mailboxes had doors. It was funny for me to understand, years later, after moving to Scandinavia. “Oh, that’s why! That’s how Sophie’s mailbox looked like!”.

Random, insignificant details to you. A reminder, to me, of how incredibly important mailboxes have been in my life. I often think about these times when all the mailman ever brought me was long handwritten letters from dear friends. How I treasure these memories!


The day before my birthday I went to the mailbox with a lump in my throat and lifted the lid wondering what administrative hassle was waiting there this time. But there was no dull grown-up mail. There was a package from a lifelong pen pal and friend.

It was a soft, cozy scarf. I thought, “oh, funny how it exactly matches the sweater I’m wearing today!”. It was a cute little pouch – well, exactly the kind of pouches I like. In her letter, my friend asked for my indulgence, saying she was still learning to sew. She was being very modest, but anyway, I was barely reading, busy as I was jumping for joy. Again.

You know me well, people. Thank you!


handmade pouch


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birthday_presents{this moment}
A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
{Inspired by SouleMama}