The Monster Under The Bed

This week I continued working on drawing perspective. Lately I’d been drawing rooms from the point of view of an observer facing the wall, and this time I wanted the observer to be looking at the angle of the room. It meant switching from one-point to two-point perspective, which I’m so glad I finally did, because it opens up so many new possibilities.

Since the monster under the bed only comes out at night, I also had to start thinking about light and shadows, something that’s on my creative to-do list. Spontaneously I’m drawn to bright colors and in my head this bedroom was full of bright painted furniture, colorful patterns on the bed linen, the wallpaper and the pictures on the wall.

But by moonlight? A black, gray and blue palette only? Tricky!

Here is some food for thought from my helpful twitter friends:

  • Debra sent me this article about painting night scenes.
  • Kristin recommended: “err on the light side, you can always go darker. Using a color opposite on the color wheel is a good way to darken hues.” (which I really need to explore, since I tend to always use black when I need to darken a color).

Conclusion: I definitely want to learn more about color theory. Do you have any tips or resources to recommend?

PS: Plenty of inspiring other interpretations of “heroic” over at Illustration Friday.




Holiday Windows: Two Cards

Color pencil Scandinavian Holidays Greeting Cards by Marion

I can’t say I’m excited about changing the clock to winter time next weekend. But then there are snowflakes on the weather forecast and soon, there will twinkling stars popping at the windows.

I remember taking the longer route home through the streets of Ullevål this time of year, gazing at all the delicately illuminated windows. For me, coming from places where fairy lights often tend to be overly flashing and unreasonably multicolored, the Scandinavian take on holiday decorating is perfection. It’s truly magical.

Drawing these cards, I found myself looking at those windows from the inside. Such a nice feeling !

Holiday card drawing process || by marion


My main focus these days was to create scenes in which something “happens”: this is something I want to get better at, because often my drawings are kind of “static”.

Interiors are also high on the list of things I want to practice drawing (I am a homebody, after all!). Several persons commented about my christmas tree design that I should try adding a background to the scene. So, it was time to give it a try.

What was the most difficult was to decide how to mix a “kid’s drawing-like”, geometric style with a little bit of perspective. Also, depending on the texture and the direction on the lines in the background, I either ended up with a cold, empty room feeling or (hopefully!) a warm and cozy one.

Here again, the best way for me to experiment and correct mistakes as I went was to draw everything on paper with colored pencils and merge the different parts digitally.

I am getting the files ready to send to the printer, and hope to add these two cards to my little shop soon!


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Designing Cards (And Painting Walls)

Holiday greeting card design || Created on Jovoto || bymarion

I finally completed this greeting card design for the Unicef crowdstorm on Jovoto.

Holiday greeting card design process || pencil drawing

I used the same characters I created last year, which are really nice to draw. This time I tried to mix the minimalist aesthetics with a little more classic holiday elements to better fit the brief.

Holiday creating card design process || colored pencil drawings

I got some great feedback from other jovotans, which pushed me to make a version with the tree. I drew it separately and merged it with my initial drawing digitally. It was more work than I though it would be, but it turned out to be very convenient to go digital at that point since my desk was transformed into a very messy workbench as we proceeded to paint our living room.

Home improvement desk

I did my best! Now let’s wait and see if my design gets picked. Fingers crossed!


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By The Seaside

Frozen Baltic Sea // bymarion

Munkviken, Västerbotten, Sweden // bymarion

Snowy forest basketball field // bymarion

Snowy Spruce Branch // close up

Baltic sea cabin // bymarion

Snowy beach volley field // bymarion

Seaside winter cabin // bymarion

Swing // long exposure // bymarion… it looked as if time had stopped.
Until next summer!

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