North & South | #15


Anneli captured these delicate signs of spring in North Sweden and South Korea. Not only is she sharing these with us, but she is also starting an “East & West” photo series on her blog! The principle is the same: pairing two photos with similar textures, colors and composition: one from the East, one from the West. We both think this is a really fun way to work on picture-taking, and hope you’ll join!

Read more about the East & West series on Anneli’s blog, and contact her at anneli.andersson (at) to share your photos.

Read more about the North & South series here, and contact me to share your photos.

Or, post your photos on your blog, and leave a link in the comments. Welcome!

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Spring Things and Painting Things


Every day, I’m discovering new spring flowers ready to pop out in the garden. It’s my first spring here, and I am savoring all these lovely suprises.

watercolor illustration // chickens

Being self-taught, there are plenty of basic painting tricks I am discovering by chance every now and then. Recently I watched the inspiring video that one of my absolute favorite illustrators, Anna Emilia Laitinen, shared in this post. This is how I realized that taping the paper on the table with a little bit of masking tape relieved the stiffness I was feeling after sitting drawing or painting for several hours, constantly holding my paper in place with my left hand. Bye bye, pain!


This tree will be all green in no time. It’s placed perfectly in front of the south-facing windows, letting the sun in in the cold winter months, giving some shade during summer.

watercolor and cut paper illustration // close up

I’ve been working on cut paper characters for a little more than a year now. I make a sketch first, and then prepare all the pieces that I cut, paint and glue together. I like the texture and shadows that are created by superposing several layers, and I’ve found that working with cut paper was a great way to force myself to draw clean contours and precise shapes. I sure also felt safer making every character separately when working on a large piece such as this one. This time, I painted the chickens directly on the paper, and only added the wings and the eyes on top for a little texture.


Inside, by the window, seeds are sprouting. I have big hopes for this year’s vegetable garden. The first one I’ll grow in my very own place.


The field has gotten even greener since I took this picture.


Spring, confirmed. Chickens, done.
How about you, how’s your week been so far?

watercolor and cut paper illustration // chickens

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