Quick, Make A Wish

dandelion wish… unless you don’t mind doing so off season.


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a bowlful of dandelion flowers

in the field

by the old mill

lying in the grass

No matter how long the days have gotten, time seems to fly way too fast. Here I am digging garden beds and turning the compost pile, while golden dandelion jelly is bubbling on the stove. Nature doesn’t wait.

So, business has to wait. Oh, sure, it’s frustrating at times, and yes, my laptop charger died on me as I was editing this goddamn business website.

But my life is so, so much better this way than the other way around. For nature doesn’t wait and dandelions are blooming now.

after sunset

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There’s A Whole Field Of Dandelions

dandelion fieldvivid yellow flowers are blooming everywhere.

And for the curious, here is another blooming field I photographed last year for my first participation in the weekly photo challenge.

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Wild Strawberries And Dandelions


Back to photographing the countryside after last week’s urban snapshots.

drops of rain

In the spring, rain replaces snow and this happens again. Apparently it had captured my attention last year too, when I wrote my very first post.

yellow spring flowers

You can’t see that on this picture, but these look so pretty against the red wall of our little house.

blue spring flowers

These are starting to wither now. Until next year!


wild strawberries

It’ll soon be time to cut the grass in the garden. I’ve been picking the dandelions and carefully replanting the wild strawberries in one spot, safe from the lawnmower. Lookin’ at it as food, not lawn!

sunset10:28 pm. Sunset.
Watching movies before going to bed in the wee hours.
I’ve been diving into the Coen brothers‘ films lately, and loving all of them.
I’m so glad to find that Barton Fink and Inside Llewyn Davis resonate so much with me these days.
How about you?

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