White Winter Woods

frost on branches - winter in sweden

frost - winter in sweden

frosty spruce and red little house - winter in sweden

frost - winter in sweden

the light in the forest - winter in sweden

Oh, the white winter woods – see, that trio of w’s is what makes me want to live here.


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Triangles And Winter Woods

geometric spruce sketch triangles bymarion

We’re still waiting for the first snow around here. I’m longing for walks in the quiet, white winter woods.

Meanwhile I’m experimenting with triangles, trying to find the best way to arrange them into a geometric version of a spruce. The first one looks like it’s flying, don’t you think?

geometric spruce sketch bymarion

I like it better this way, I think.

winter woods sketch bymarion

This is the idea I have in mind for my whole winter woods thing.

geometric spruce sketch gray bymarion

Trying to decide what to darken and what to keep white. There’s supposed to be snow on the branches!

geometric spruce sketch colors bymarion

I’m using my watercolor pencils for this one. I like it that they enable me to combine the transparency of watercolors and the texture of pencil drawings.

winter woods sketch color bymarion

That’s the progress so far. Now I’m working on some little fellows similar to these ones.





other things on my desk


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Colors And Patterns

cut paper characters, by marionOn my desk, bookworms. I made these from recycled cardboard packaging. A special thanks to Riri and to Basse, for saving their cereal boxes for me!

trees and their shadowsThrough the window, the view has changed quite a bit since January.

Brown-haired bookworm, cut paper and watercolors, by marion After a lot of practice, it was time to switch to proper watercolor paper. The colors are brighter, for sure. I’m quite happy with the patterns on this one, too.

in the forest In the forest, the very last patches of snow.

Red-haired bookworm,  cut paper and watercolors, by marion Another one, with freckles.

in the forest And fresh air, lots of fresh air.

more glimpses of life


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Fir Trees And Birch Trees



birch trees and fir trees

fallen birch tree

These days I’m spending long hours painting and cutting paper. I’m taking a lot of notes, learning new techniques, listening to podcasts. I’m feeling so inspired, but oh, so stiff from too much sitting! So, everyday, I’m taking long walks in the forest. Birch trees, fir trees, blue skies and sunlight. The sound of silence and the sound of the wind.

walking in the forest


more glimpses of life


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august01-smallWe came back to pouring rain and thunder. After the storm, in the mist, we picked lettuce, peas, radish and basil for dinner. And this morning, in the soggy, sunny, silent forest we picked blueberries for breakfast.