Wind And Numbers

winter sky

hand knitted socks





It’s gray and windy and I feel like staying inside all day. Still, it’s good to get some fresh air. I walk slowly because of all the ice. The snow is melting and the colors in the woods are changing from day to day. I’m thinking about numbers. The new numbers I have learned this winter. How much firewood to keep us warm for a month. How many yarn balls to knit a pair of socks. And the old ones, that have formed the pattern of my life for a few years. How fast the days get longer after the turn of the year. How many days before he’ll have to bake another loaf of bread.

funny tree


On knitting socks and running your own business

Bygdøy, Oslo

During Christmas break I asked my grandma if she knew how to knit socks. Of course she did. We couldn’t find any suitable yarn in the house or in town, but I traveled back home with her detailed explanations memorized, a precious old pair of hand-knitted socks made by my late great great-aunt to use as a model, and the promise of Skype rescue sessions if I ever got stuck.

In 2015, among other equally important things, I will turn 30, read every morning before switching on the computer (ahem), sew lots of stuff, run my own business, renovate my little red house, finish a philosophy book for children, grow vegetables, reflect upon dialog between natural and social sciences, take better pictures, live frugally, write more, buy even less stuff, make illustrations and learn how to knit socks.

Now, it does appear to me that 1) all these things sound really disparate, that 2) some also sound crazy (finish a book, really?) and 3) seriously, am I putting the question of dialog between natural and social sciences and the art of knitting socks on the same level?

But what I learned from 2014 is that:
1) however disparate these things might appear, there is actually a coherence in this list: work/life balance issues? Be gone. Plus, I really love all these things. I don’t want to choose between them. I need them all to be happy.
2) Er, you’re turning 30. Thir-ty, Marion. You’re allowed to turn “crazy” into “real”. Or at least try to.
3) well, darn yes I am. All these years, I’ve somehow contemptuously tried to convince myself that I shouldn’t, which has only made me frustrated.

There. I said it.

Happy 2015, friends!

a writer needs warm hands


More november gloom, and still no snow ahead. I’m spending long hours writing these days. Stirring up memories from days at the lab. My hands hurt from so much computer time. But, well, I guess it’s a good sign. And somehow, between pages, I managed to knit my first mittens to keep them warm.