Love Is Not Just Chemistry

Although I am not an active member of the scientific community anymore, I do stand — as a trained physicist and as a simple citizen — with scientists facing attacks from ultra conservative administrations and all kinds of obscurantist forces.

This is why I haven’t drawn this heart full of physics, chemistry, biology and other natural sciences : because I am convinced that giving the humanities extra support is more important now than ever.

Whether they like it or not, the problems that scientists are facing under administrations like Trump’s or with climate change skeptics are not scientific, they are political. In other words, scientists need tools to be able to deal with this reality : just because people know the facts, it doesn’t mean that they will chose to act the way you think they should.

And isn’t this precisely what the humanities are about ?

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Some Things

reindeer crossing the road

Something that happens a lot around here these days, as captured by my mom.

Something about 5 sisters. Made me laugh out loud. (Always does!)

Something about what home means, by the woman who married a bear.

Something about love, academic style: here‘s mine and here‘s a whole lot of other funny academic valentines.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Love, Emma and the h-index

I love you more than your h-index || watercolor lettering || bymarion
After some failed attempts to come up with a satisfying greeting card design with watercolor calligraphy, I decided to give it up and go for a cut paper design instead.

Cards have been made and mailed and now I am back to my watercolor lettering experiments. I ditched the calligraphy nibs and switched to good old brushes and extra nice watercolor paper. I’m hoping to produce a couple of these “I love you more than your h-index” paintings to add to my shop in time for Valentine’s day.

I’m quite happy with the result so far, though it’s a very, very long, tedious process. I’m always wondering to what extent my using the wrong tools makes things take way more time than they should. But at least while I’m at it, I’m listening to an audiobook version of Jane Austen’s Emma, and laughing quite a lot. This makes for a good contrast with the actual h-index thing, the stupidity of which is more prone to making me want to cry!

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