Internet (And Frugal Art Supplies)

No gnomes this time! When I saw the theme for this week on illustration friday, it was an abstract network that came to my mind.

Here is what I made it with:

  • A piece of cardboard from a post package as a “canvas”
  • Envelopes that once contained tax returns, a letter from my grandma and whatnot
  • Colorful bits from selected pages of catalogues, tracts, museum brochures and recycling instructions. (I keep these organized by colors in a box that’s moved with me in three different places. Crazy ?) I chose only mat papers so that I wouldn’t get any reflections when taking a picture with the flash.
  • Homemade wheatpaste.  It has the perfect drying time for this kind of work and it’s super efficient.
  • Tools: scissors, a scalpel knife and self healing cutting mat. Oh, and washers as circle-drawing guides!

collage making desk




Candlelight And A Cup Of Coffee

Candlelight and a cup of coffee || Cut paper collage, watercolor and gouache || bymarion

Not as carefully finished as I would have wanted, but still in time to post for this week’s Illustration Friday: the theme was “Shelter”, so I felt I could not skip it.

other things on my desk


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a greeting card to your loved ones


About 20 years ago, one of my grandmothers knitted a pair of leg warmers for me, for dance classes. They stayed in a box for many years after the dance classes ended, but I took them with me when I moved to Scandinavia. Here I am, wearing them, sending her warm winter greetings. In case you wished to send greetings to your loved ones, too, I’ve made this piece available as cards and prints in my søciety6 shop.

You can see more of my illustrations on this page or on this pinterest board.

seizing the moment


Light is scarce, here up north, these days. When your illustration work relies on photography, and the sun, at 2 p.m., decides to great you with one minute of grazing light before disappearing, you need to run outside. I doesn’t matter if you’re busy editing the story you want to send to a magazine before the end of the day. I doesn’t matter if you’ve got tons of emails to write. You need to run outside with the camera and tripod, and whatever chair you find to display your art on. You need to seize the moment. There is very little time to adjust your focus before sunset.

This one will become a winter greeting card.
You can see more of my illustrations on this page or on this pinterest board.
You’ll also find some cards and prints in my søciety6 shop.

When a few have everything


When most have nothing and a few have everything, put on your red scarf, put on your carnation pants and walk for justice.

This one was inspired by illustration friday’s topic trouble. I cut it in upcycled food packaging. The eyes are made with lentils, like for that one. I used watercolors and watercolor pencils and photographed it outside on a sunny day.

I couldn’t finish it in time for last friday, but here it is now! How do you like it?

PS: Together with my bookworm, it is available as prints and stationery cards in my søciety6 shop.

See more of my illustrations on this page or on this pinterest board.

a book would be nice

This morning, as we were having breakfast, the sun finally came out and I huried onto the terrace to photograph the little bookworm I finished over the weekend. As a kid, I used to be quite a bookworm myself, so I can really relate with this little guy. Therefore I’m happy to announce that you can now find both of us on søciety6!

It might be a bit early to think about Christmas presents, but here’s what I’m planning to ask Santa: don’t bring me stuff I don’t need, don’t bring me anything material, really. Except, perhaps, a book? A book would be nice. A book to read, re-read, annotate and pass to friends. How about you, how about a book?

See more of my illustrations on this page or on this pinterest board.

growing up


I won’t be turning 30 until early next year, but the prospect, I’m happy to say, does not sound so scary these days. Not because I’m sure to be on the right track. For to be honest, I don’t know what my future will be made of.

But that’s the whole point. This year is about changing tracks, and exploring new ways, ways to escape a pre-formated, miserable consumer’s life. Of course, uncertainty can be scary – it is, most of the time. But growing up, I finally found out, is not about trying to reduce it at any cost. It is also about learning to deal with it, learning not to let it smother your own growth.

These days, whilst waiting for more paperwork to be fixed, I’ve been sitting at my desk, cutting paper and painting. Not waiting for the perfect moment, but creating anyway. And Socrates, the character I created for our book, has been growing up. So have I.

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I came across this week’s topic on illustration fridaySilence – and I realized I’d been silent for quite a while. It’s been a great deal of this good, busy silence of exciting endeavors and new things, everyday, that keep you away from the screen. And then some of this anxious, paralyzing silence of administrations that have all your projects in their hands, and that smothers your inspiration. Little time for daydreaming, like my little character. It might be awfully commonplace, but I’m trying hard to remember, you never know what comes next, so you might as well save some time for daydreaming and enjoying the quietness anyway.

See more of my illustrations on this page or on this pinterest board.