Some Things

  • Something nice in the mail: a box of delicious home-made chocolates, courtesy of my awesome brother.
  • Something  I’m working on: a little academia-inspired valentine printable. (Here is the one I made last year).
  • Something to listen to: I’ve been catching up on While She Naps episodes. I found the one with Thomas Knauer about quilting really interesting. I also started listening to the Creative Pep Talk podcast. Warmly recommended! This and this episodes are my favorite so far.
  • Something inspiring: Nicole Smeltzer’s science illustrations, Rachel Grant’s collages, and Sophie Miller’s embroideries.

    Have a lovely weekend!


Some Things

Sunset light

This week has been so full of beautiful pastel tones that I didn’t care to try capturing something “vibrant” for the photo challenge.

I’ve been half-busy, half-lazy, and somehow didn’t post anything.

Here are some photos of yesterday’s sunset walk, and a few things I enjoyed this week.

Something fun to do with kids. I’m pretty sure I’d find that fun for myself, too.

Something half-photo, half-film. Love it.

Some things from the forest in the hands of awesome creative craftsmen. I stumbled upon their work through this podcast episode, and admire it so much.

Something I’ve been listening to while sketching. The reader is awesome.

Have a good weekend!

Sunset, Västerbotten style

a tree in winter sunset

Pink and blue, after sunset

After sunset, on a snowy winter walk


other things


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Some Things

Chocolate and pear birthday cake

Something sweet for breakfast, post birthday.

Something icy.

Something lovely.

Some things about painting: I’ve just discovered the Savvy Painter podcast. I love it! I listened to this, this and this episodes while I was doodling yesterday and learned tons of things.

Speaking of podcasts, I also enjoyed listening to Phoebe Wahl telling the story behind her first picture book.

What little things did you enjoy this week?

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Clean And Bright

A clean box of watercolors

After a somewhat unsatisfactory attempt to make a bunch of hand-lettered new year cards the past few days, I took a break from doodling today and just cleaned my box of watercolors. Meanwhile I happily caught up on two and a half episodes of the Craft Sanity Podcast, which if my calculations are correct adds up to a good two hours.

Logically, I made the following resolution for 2016: mix colors on the palette exclusively (not in the pots – ahem).

It’s not exactly the kind of painting productivity that I had envisioned for this week, but that’s still one thing out of the way. A clean and bright box of watercolors is as good a start as any to a new year, isn’t it?

Failed lettering

Happy new year watercolor lettering || by marion

watercolor doodles

other things on my desk


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coffee-small2Some clouds, for a change, and temperatures back to reasonable Nordic levels. Today’s another busy day. This morning was for drawing, which went pleasantly smoothly. Here’s to a new sketch ready for another version of this guy! The afternoon, as always, started with a coffee – first, coffee – and then, subtitles. Tedious, most certainly, but satisfying. I’m having a good day. Are you?