hello, july






July started with a gorgeous sunny day. We picked radishes for lunch, and then again for dinner. Beans are out, now that the frost is gone. Here are some flowers for the table, and a glimpse of this afternoon’s work. In matching colors, by chance. July is here already. It’s going to be a busy month, in a good way. Family and friends visiting, and big plans about a book and setting up our very own small creative company. Hello, July. You’re gonna be a good month.


garden status

I’ve been inside sewing all day. There’s been rain, and sun, and hail, and sun – and a nice little garden stroll before dinner.

birds-smallThe roommates seem to be doing well.

radish-box-smallSoon, we’ll harvest the first ruccola and radishes – hopefully.

tomato-smallIt looks like this one will stay in there a little longer. We’re expecting near-freezing temperatures tonight.

seedlings-smallhold on, guys!