December Drawings #9

Today’s prompt on Eileen’s advent calendar is “reindeer”.

Speaking of reindeer, I saw some in a nearby field while driving today! I hope I’ll get a chance to snap a photo soon.

If you feel inspired, Eileen is inviting anyone interested to join, tagging your posts with #adventmcr.

See you tomorrow!



Winter Village

Winter Village || Watercolors, watercolor pencils and cut paper collage || bymarion
I’m hesitating between “Winter Village” or “How I maintained my sanity during an intense couple of weeks”. I guess it’s a little bit of both 😉

Inspired by this walk and this scene.

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Some Things

reindeer crossing the road

Something that happens a lot around here these days, as captured by my mom.

Something about 5 sisters. Made me laugh out loud. (Always does!)

Something about what home means, by the woman who married a bear.

Something about love, academic style: here‘s mine and here‘s a whole lot of other funny academic valentines.

Have a lovely weekend!

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