growing up


I won’t be turning 30 until early next year, but the prospect, I’m happy to say, does not sound so scary these days. Not because I’m sure to be on the right track. For to be honest, I don’t know what my future will be made of.

But that’s the whole point. This year is about changing tracks, and exploring new ways, ways to escape a pre-formated, miserable consumer’s life. Of course, uncertainty can be scary – it is, most of the time. But growing up, I finally found out, is not about trying to reduce it at any cost. It is also about learning to deal with it, learning not to let it smother your own growth.

These days, whilst waiting for more paperwork to be fixed, I’ve been sitting at my desk, cutting paper and painting. Not waiting for the perfect moment, but creating anyway. And Socrates, the character I created for our book, has been growing up. So have I.

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august01-smallWe came back to pouring rain and thunder. After the storm, in the mist, we picked lettuce, peas, radish and basil for dinner. And this morning, in the soggy, sunny, silent forest we picked blueberries for breakfast.

before you realize it’s late


Sometimes there are hectic days and a long drive to the city. Sometimes there is a flat tire on the way, and you are running late when all this paperwork remains to be done. But then there is a dear brother to help you out, and it is summer, and the day never ends. And before you realize it’s late, there’s a misty morning, and calm, and beauty all around. It was one of these days. And we made it safely home.

midafternoon, sore throat, starving

midafternoon-smalland this bloody unstable internet connection – you know, that kind of mood.
But there’s tea, fire in the wood stove, and only three stitches left to complete my little sewing project.