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A Blushing Cloud

pink cloud … is what you may see around 3 pm, for just a few seconds, if you keep an eye on the sky.

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Some Things


Something that happens at sunset at this time of the year. Here is a similar photo from last year.

Something I’m happy about: Sabrina Palmares, an artist and illustrator from the Philippines, recently relaunched her blog, Mustard World. I love her paper cuts and watercolors. Einstein is also on her desk, by the way!

So many things in so few words. Nelkumi‘s posts always take my breath away.

Some things we (don’t) say to people in elevators, and other things Stupidity Hole writes when he — lucky us! — has little to do at work — make me laugh and put me in a good mood.

Have a great weekend!

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North & South | #11

sunset in guadeloupe

sunset in north sweden

After crossroads and drops, here’s sunset, captured by Riri in Sweden and Guadeloupe. Well, no comment! Thanks so much, Riri!

This series is about pairing two photos with similar textures, colors and composition — one from the North, one from the South. I’m looking for contributors! If you want to share your photos, you’re welcome to post a link in the comments or to email me. Do feel free to interpret “North” and “South” creatively: the difference in latitudes doesn’t have to be extreme!

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Oh, Just Sunset

sunset on the mountainsTo be honest, being there to capture this moment was entirely Basse‘s and Riri‘s doing, so I can’t really call it a reward, though it certainly felt like one. Anyway, this will have to be my entry for this week’s photo challenge. Thanks, guys!

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relic. light.

Suddenly, it seemed, the sky was on fire. The abandoned house was there standing in the light. And the light, inside, was coming in from all windows, was playing with the emptiness. I wandered in there for a while. As I opened the door again on my way out, it looked as if the raspberry bushes were making their way home. I turned around to take one more picture, and then, quickly, the crazy light faded away.