Last week wrapped us in whiteness. Slightly milder temperatures last night left us with another monochromatic color palette. Here is my take on minimalist photography. November in north Scandinavia, dark version.

wednesday morning, 9:30 am

descent-smallSoon, pretty soon, already, the sun will begin its descent.

More wednesday mornings, here and there.


if it’s fine tomorrow


We will climb on the roof, we will install that chimney, if it’s fine tomorrow.
Soon it’ll be cold, soon we’ll need a fire in that little house.

My parents were visiting for a week. We destroyed that wall to make space for the wood stove. Doesn’t the room look so much bigger? We moved a switch, we filled the holes in the floor. It’s ready to install now, we’re getting there. It’ll be easy now. We’ll climb on the roof, if it’s fine tomorrow.

It was rainy and windy. We drilled a hole in the ceiling, we put the stove on its feet. They’re only here for the week. If only it could be fine tomorrow. They’re only here for a week. We should let the wood stove be, we should drive to the sea, if it’s fine tomorrow.

On the last day, the sun came out. We drove to the sea, we had a picnic in the beautiful winter light. We listened to the waves, we enjoyed the moment. It felt just right.

I took this picture, thinking, it’ll be my cover art post. The cover of my favorite novel, to the lighthouse. But how pretentious that would be! Virginia Woolf’s words are so breathtaking, so perfect, that I could never capture an image beautiful enough to measure up to them.

about summer?

basil-smallSomething I love about summer? Something I love about summer…
Not the heat, no, not the heat. I love the north, having a sweater on, and that light, that light! But then, oh, olive oil on my bread! Food from the south! And, oh, basil. Oh, yes, basil!

relic. light.

Suddenly, it seemed, the sky was on fire. The abandoned house was there standing in the light. And the light, inside, was coming in from all windows, was playing with the emptiness. I wandered in there for a while. As I opened the door again on my way out, it looked as if the raspberry bushes were making their way home. I turned around to take one more picture, and then, quickly, the crazy light faded away.