The Wind Blows

spring in the woods || bymarion

red barn facade || bymarion

wind in the birches || bymarion

red barn wall || bymarion

spring in the woods || bymarion

forest || bymarion

pink sky || bymarion

snow and puddles || bymarion

Spring in the trees, spring in the air, spring in the hearts.

Some Things

snowMy kind of things.

And I’m leaving you with something I’m very happy to see on my friend’s blog. The first picture is my absolute favorite. I love the lines, the colors, and most of all, the atmosphere.

Have a beautiful weekend. See you next week!

other things


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North & South | #20

Winter Tree Sweden

Autumn Tree France

This series is about pairing two photos with similar textures, colors and composition — one from the North, one from the South. I’m looking for contributors! If you want to share your photos, you’re welcome to post a link in the comments or to email me. Do feel free to interpret “North” and “South” creatively: the difference in latitudes doesn’t have to be extreme!

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Wind And Numbers

winter sky

hand knitted socks





It’s gray and windy and I feel like staying inside all day. Still, it’s good to get some fresh air. I walk slowly because of all the ice. The snow is melting and the colors in the woods are changing from day to day. I’m thinking about numbers. The new numbers I have learned this winter. How much firewood to keep us warm for a month. How many yarn balls to knit a pair of socks. And the old ones, that have formed the pattern of my life for a few years. How fast the days get longer after the turn of the year. How many days before he’ll have to bake another loaf of bread.

funny tree