Memories Of Warm Summer Days

Fireweed in the summer night light

dry moss

Baltic sea beach

strawberries from the garden

gray sky over the river

Mountain lake and sunset

Mountains and orange sky


rapsberries from the garden

drought in the forest

summer sky

baltic sea rock beach

beetroots from the garden

Fireweeds and gray sky

noctilucent clouds

Never had I seen the forest so dry or heard the moss creaking under my feet.

The dust from the dirt road to the seaside was flying around the car, falling on the wild blueberry bushes and staying there, a coat of gray on the forest floor that no rain came to wipe off.

Nestled between the forest and the Baltic sea were little summer cabins, little summer paradises, brought back to life for the warm weeks of July. The sun was hot, the wind was warm and it felt easy to get into the water. I’d thought it wouldn’t be warm enough for anything but a quick dip, but it was delightful to bathe and swim for a while. It felt just like when I was a kid and my family spent the end of our summers by the Mediterranean sea.

The grass in the garden had stopped growing long before Midsummer. The raspberries started ripening so early that we pondered cancelling our trip to the mountains and stay at home on jelly duty.
As we picnicked by the river after an unexpected pause to set up the spare tire, we watched the sky darken and wondered: will there be a thunderstorm? Will we get rain to cool the air a little? Or will the thunder start another forest fire?

We set the table in the garden every day. When the sun had turned and we could be in the shade, we picked the raspberries. Late at night, when it was a little cooler, Mom and Dad and I cooked many jars of jelly.

There was a watering ban, so we collected water went we showered and carried watering cans to try and save my vegetable patch. We couldn’t do miracles. But there were few pretty beetroots and some delicious strawberries.

Come August, there was a warning for cyanobacterial bloom at one of the nearby beaches.

The night sky got slowly darker. I was the days when you gaze up and spot a star and think: funny how I’d forgotten about that! I got a text from my brother one night. “If you look North, you will see noctilucent clouds”.



Here Comes The Snow

snow on autumn leaves || by marion

first snow in the forest || by marion

snowy fir branch || by marion


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In The Autumn Forest

autumns birch leaves || by marion

On the last day of August, I took a little morning walk.

Path in the forest || by marion

I followed the path into the forest.

Autumn forest lingonberries zoom || by marion

The floor was covered with red blueberry leaves and lingonberries.

mushroom || by marion

It’s been rainy lately and now mushrooms are popping up everywhere.

Autumn forest floor lingonberries ||by marion

As I explored and took pictures, the wind made a nice rustling sound in the trees above my head.

mushroom || by marion

It really really looked like a fairy tale forest.

Lingonberries || by marion

Quiet, and full of treasures.

Autumn forest floor mushrooms ||by marion

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Fields And Skies

Field turning yellow, cloudy skies || Västerbotten countryside || by marion

Field turning yellow, cloudy skies || Västerbotten countryside || by marion

Green fields are turning yellow, wild geese and swallows are back.

Field turning yellow, cloudy skies || Västerbotten countryside || by marion


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July Snapshots

Making coffee on the camp fire

roadside flowers || by marion

a river between two lakes

roadside flowers || by marion

red houses by the river

roadside sign loppis, västerbotten countryside

building a miniature watermill || Swedish summer || by marion

drive safe, retirees playing playing road sign

Dipping feets in the river || Swedish summer || by marion

mountain view, south lapland, sweden

Wow, it’s been quiet around here. But you see, July is such a busy month : sunbathing (vitamin D, please!), dipping feets in rivers, driving past roadside flowers and funny road signs (“drive safe, retirees playing !”), treasure hunting in flea markets, building miniature watermills, making coffee on campfires, having picnics with a view (and occasionally, mosquitoes), etc, etc.

Bright summer nights, great times, great company: July in Sweden is just wonderful.

roadside flowers || by marion






Solstice Skies

summer solstice sky, västerbotten, sweden, by marion

summer solstice full moon, västerbotten, sweden, by marion

summer solstice sunset, västerbotten, sweden, by marion


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May Snapshots

birch leaves With may came green leaves,

field green fields,

seedlings and tiny green seedlings.

splitting firewood There was firewood to cut and split.

rainbow One day there was a rainbow.

blooming tree The tree started blooming.

evening walk I went on many evening walks.

sunset The days got longer and longer,

early morning mist and now there are bright nights and this early morning mist is back.

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The Golden Hour

Field Västerbotten Sweden

willow buds

Tree Västerbotten Sweden

Barn Västerbotten Sweden

willow buds

… at this time of the year, comes just before dinnertime.

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