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Academic Greetings - A Set of 5 Cards by Alpha Angle


I have sent my family and friends a ridiculous amount of handmade cards over the years: they patiently followed my experiments with various styles and materials. There were scrapbooking-like cards, cut paper cards, painted cards, minimalist cards, maximalist cards. Cardboard, magazine cuttings, egg cartons, whatever. You name it!

They often joked that if I didn’t pursue physics as a carrier, I could always make cards instead. Well, here we go! Of course, one cannot leave academia without after-effects: so, these are academic greetings!

I started with a quick hand-lettered sketch, and used it as a guide to draw all the letters digitally in Inkscape.

Now that these are done, I am hoping for a few weeks with less screen time. I came back from my recent trip with a pile of old jeans to recycle, so I guess there will be more of these pouches soon.



Some Things

calendula // https://bymarion.wordpress.com Something that smells wonderful, picked in the garden and put to dry to make some good tea this winter.

raspberries // https://bymarion.wordpress.com Something to start the jam making season.

baltic sea // https://bymarion.wordpress.com Something not pictured: a fire lighted on the beach and hotdogs grilling. When North Sweden gives you a nice summer evening, go to the beach: checked.

zippered pouch // https://bymarion.wordpress.com Something that was actually easier than I thought. I had saved the zippers from a worm-out raincoat, and when I came across this post by Carmella, I decided to sew a zippered pouch, too. I had never sewn a zipper before, but the tutorial she links to was very clear and helpful. I recycled fabric from an old pant and an old shirt — some of which I also used a while ago to make pillow covers.

And something I’m happy about: one of my greeting card designs made it to the top 100 of the UNICEF greeting cards design contest at jovoto. Here is a watercolor version, and here are some pics behind the scenes.

Have a good weekend!

other things


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